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After many, many, months, days, minutes, seconds, my DEBUT ALBUM "Episodes of an Aquarius" is finally out digitally on CDBABY (click the album above). I am happy to share that it took a village to make this possible. I would like to acknowledge the following people in no particular order for helping bring to life my vision musically and logistically, for being there when I needed a lending hand, for keeping calm when I was not, for the positive and constructive feedback, for the humor, and

of course just having a grand old time.

Ann Moss, My Love, Thank you for being there every step of the way during this musical journey, for your unconditional support and wisdom & helping me trust my gut in making the hard choices when it comes to making art. I am forever grateful.

bz lewis and Jeff Kolhede, thank you for your brilliant work during the editing, mixing and mastering process on my first solo project. I could not have done it without you and, hell, thank you both for all the countless hours of humor you brought to the table along the way.

Joe Kyle Jr., thank you for your continued support, groovy bass lines, and always

telling me how it is with a twinge of sarcasm.

Patrick Anseth, Thank you for the colors you brought to the project as a guitarist and for being there as a friend. You always pushing me to be a better musician. Thanks for reminding me how much I love jazz

and for always being down to make music, even when there’s only 5 minutes to spare!

Marlon Aldana, Thank you for your clarity in the moment, for always bringing your A game creatively, for making those percussive sounds come to life, and for following me down the creative rabbit hole.

Cava Menzies, Thank you for always believing in me and showing me its okay to go off script, for your constant output of creativity and for helping me bring my ideas to life. And of course, Thank you for the beautiful ALBUM ART Colorqueen (Cava Menzies) 

Rob Reich, I am always astounded by your musicality and poise when we play together. Thank you for your willingness to make music with me and for bringing the Kurt Weill to life.


Lastly, I’d like to thank the following people who helped fund this project:
Tom Driscoll & Nancy Quinn
Leslie Ann Jones
Benjie Lasseau
Rick & Sharon Boyer
Katherine Haynes
Fred Mattison & Anne Davidson Barr
Alan Sanstad
Kathleen & Larry Angus

Anna Laura Quinn 
Robert Steiner
Lolly Lewis
Martyn & Lorraine 
Von Michael Bringhurst
Carrie Smith
Cava Menzies
Patrick Anseth

And Lastly, Due to a generous donation by Nancy Quinn, Hard Copy CD's will be available in December!
As the weeks unfold, the album will be become available on other digital platforms including itunes, amazon music and more. Don't worry I'll keep you informed friends.

Thank you Village!!!!
With Love,

Your Aquarius

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